Yao Lu(新) - Studio Alpha大巧筑人-次世代设计师的起点
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Yao Lu(新)

同济大学建筑系本硕,康奈尔大学M.S.MDC硕士,现宾夕法尼亚大学建筑技术方向博士在读。研究兴趣包括参数化生成设计,计算机辅助设计工具的开发,计算机辅助制造,3D图解静力学,仿生设计,以及3D打印。曾于Jenny Sabin Lab任职研究助理,于康奈尔大学、宾夕法尼亚大学任教学助理,于纽约城市学院任兼职讲师。



  • Lu, Y., Cregan, M., Chhadeh, P., Seyedahmadian, A., Bolhassani, M., Schneider, J., Yost, and Akbarzadeh, M.. All glass, compression-dominant polyhedral bridge prototype: form-finding and fabrication. InProceedings of IASS Symposium and Spatial Structures Conference 2020/21, Inspiring the next generation, Guildford, UK.
  • Lu Yao, Eda Begum Birol, Colby Johnson, Christopher Hernandez, and Jenny Sabin. “A Method for Load-Responsive Inhomogeneity and Anisotropy in 3D Lattice Generation Based on Ellipsoid Packing.” In RE: Anthropocene, Design in the Age of Humans – Proceedings of the 25th CAADRIA Conference – Volume 1, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 5-6 August 2020, Pp. 395-404. CUMINCAD, 2020.
  • Lu Yao*, Birol Eda Begum*, Sekkin Ege*, Colby Johnson, David Moy, Yaseen Islam, Jenny Sabin. “PolyBrick 2.0: Bio-integrative load-bearing structure” in ACADIA 2019: Ubiquity and Autonomy, eds. Danelle Briscoe, Kory Bieg, Clay Odom, Oct. 24-26, pp. 2019.



  • 2017  1st Prize of Youth Design Competition for Suqian City
  • 2016  3rd Prize of 2016 International Student Urban Design Competition for Shanghai Railway Station
  • 2015  2nd prize of Shanghai College Students’ Modern Drama Festival
  • 2014  1st Prize of 2014 Vertical City Asia International Competition
  • 2014  1st Prize of 2014 Architecture Competition of Taiwan and Mainland Students
Cornell, M.S.MDC / UPenn, Ph.D in Architecture

Computational Design 数字化设计, Tectonics/ Structure 设计构造
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